A. Dallas Wait Law Office

law-office-1pcThe A. Dallas Wait Law Office was built in 1853 by Washington County Judge A. Dallas Wait next to his private residence in Fort Edward, NY.  Judge Wait practiced law in Sandy Hill (Hudson Falls) and Fort Edward before being elected judge in 1855, serving three terms.  In 1861 Judge Wait was elected Washington County District Attorney and served two consecutive terms in that position.lawoffice

Originally located at number one Mechanic Street in Fort Edward, it was purchased by International Paper Co. who sold it to Marionette Paper Co., which evolved into Scott Paper.  Scott rented it to a doctor for use as an office–which also kept a doctor close to the paper mill.  It was eventually scheduled for demolition to provide a new entrance to the facility.  The building was donated for historical preservation to the Fort Edward Historical Society by Scott Paper and moved to the Museum campus in 1982 with the assistance of the Steven J. Potter Memorial Foundation and many community members.

During restoration, pocket doors that divided the two rooms were discovered as was an original tin ceiling.  The building was one of the first in Fort Edward to be wired for electricity and visitors can marvel at an early electric light fixture.  The rooms are furnished with period barrister bookcases and law books and provide a glimpse into how business was conducted during the mid 19th century.